Counting Down to Digital Summit Series at Home |The October Virtual Experience

The count down is official!

3 days 23 hours 58 minutes and #DSatHome October is Live!

October 20-22, 2020

Registration is still open!

Oil Country Media will definitely be creeping in on a masterclass or two, and we can’t wait for the 30 power-packed business sessions!

The Digital Sumit Series delivers 3 days of expertise and real-world digital tips for 2020 and beyond. Their one of a kind interactive virtual networking space designed to educate, inspire, and connect attendees and industry leaders.

They have seamlessly redesigned their famous face-face summits and are leading virtually for professionals in the digital culture. Every session offers insight and motivates marketing teams to take bold steps in the right direction.

Bring it on DS!

If you can’t tell, let us make it crystal clear, we can’t wait to cover another Digital Summit Experience.

See you there!

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Please see coverage from #DSatHome September below!

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Good morning! It is day 2 of the Digital Summit Series at Home September! Yesterday our day was packed with unique sessions, and I don’t mind saying, a lot of learning. Oil Country Media has covered the last three #DSatHome conferences, and I have to say, it is always a new experience. We appreciate the specific tips and expert insights, and we feel this conference is an absolute MUST for people managing media, especially during this time. True to their nature, Digital Summit Series at Home September did not disappoint! Here are some moments from yesterday’s sessions that we most definitely connected with! So glad we didn’t miss this! If you were unable to attend the previous Digital Summit at Home Sessions, DON’T STRESS! You can purchase access to the post-event recordings! Check out @digitalsummits page and website for more details! Ok, Day 2, let’s do this! Join us! #dsathome #oilandgas #energy #virtualconference #socialmediamanagement #digitalsummit2020 #digitalsummit #octg #kristenoctg #inclusivemarketing

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