AG Jennings announces suit to hold Exxon, American Petroleum Institute, 29 others accountable for climate change costs – State of Delaware News

Claims include Negligent Failure to Warn, Trespass, Nuisance and Consumer Fraud Act violations

Attorney General Kathy Jennings announced Thursday that Delaware is suing 31 fossil fuel companies on behalf of the state’s residents and businesses to hold them accountable for decades of deception about the role their products play in causing climate change, the harm that is causing in Delaware, and for the mounting costs of surviving those harms.

“Delawareans are already paying for the malfeasance of the world’s biggest fossil fuel companies,” said Attorney General Jennings. “Exxon, Chevron, and other mega-corporations knew exactly what kind of sacrifices the world would make to support their profits, and they deceived the public for decades. Now we are staring down a crisis at our shores, and taxpayers are once again footing the bill for damage to our roads, our beaches, our environment, and our economy. We are seeking accountability from some of the world’s most powerful businesses to pay for the mess they’ve made.”
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