Enbridge Energy Conducting Surveys For Potential Reroute Of Line 5 Pipeline | Wisconsin Public Radio

Enbridge Energy is requesting permission from residents and local governments to conduct land surveys in northern Wisconsin as it explores rerouting its Line 5 pipeline outside of the Bad River tribe’s reservation. Line 5 carries up to 540,000 barrels of oil and natural gas liquids per day from Superior to Sarnia, Ontario.

On Thursday, an Enbridge representative informed officials in the city of Mellen, about 30 minutes south of Ashland, that the company would like to access four parcels of city-owned property.

“Recently, the Bad River tribe filed a lawsuit against Enbridge asking the pipeline to be removed from tribal land. Because of what’s going on with the tribe, Enbridge is trying to be proactive and look at the possibility of relocating the Line 5 pipeline south around the tribal lands,” said Paul Halverson, an Enbridge contractor and land agent. “Enbridge has an obligation to continue to deliver product through the pipeline. If we can’t be on the tribal lands, we need to figure out a different solution.”

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