Promoters of $1.4 billion railroad in Utah’s oil country want state help – The Salt Lake Tribune

Vernal • Uinta Basin officials are pushing a project they say could quintuple oil production here, bring higher prices and create 27,000 jobs.
The plan? Building a 150-mile railroad to allow transporting oil from the basin to out-of-state markets.
There’s one big hitch: It carries a price tag of $1.4 billion.

Supporters say that’s a deal compared to the $6 billion estimated for previous rail proposals that were studied and rejected. The old idea was to go through mountain canyons to connect to national rail lines at Price. Now they are looking at going east to Colorado.
“The terrain is better. The slopes are better. The costs are so much less, which makes this a viable project,” said Mike McKee, executive director of the Seven County Infrastructure Coalition, and a former Uintah County commissioner.
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