Here’s Why EOG Resources Will Continue To Outperform Its Peers In 2018 And Beyond

EOG Resources, (NYSE:EOG), the US-based independent oil and gas producer, is one of the few companies that have remained resilient through the commodity slump over the last few years. The company’s stock has grown over 25% in the last one year as the company continues to focus on delivering value rather than achieving growth at the expense of its shareholders. This philosophy, coupled with the company’s focus on premium drilling, has not only allowed it to bring down its break-even price but also maintain its industry-leading returns even in a low price environment. Thus, we expect EOG Resources to continue to be an industry leader and deliver solid returns to its shareholders over the long term, irrespective of the uncertainty in the commodity markets. Below, we highlight some of the key factors that will drive the company’s value in the coming years.
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