No on Proposition 112: It will hurt Colorado’s families and economy

Tarah Garza is a fifth generation Coloradan and a single mom of two teenagers. She’s an environmentalist who spends as much time in the Colorado outdoors as her busy schedule will allow.

Bo Winter, raised in Ault, spent a good chunk of his life farming the fields of northern Colorado, caring for the land and developing a deep respect for the environment.

Ken Meritt spent 19 years protecting his neighbors, and helping them in their times of need, as a Greeley firefighter. Safety is one of his top values.

All three of these Coloradans have their own unique stories and love for our great state. But one strong, unbreakable thread unites them: They all work in the oil and natural gas industry and they want to keep their jobs, producing the energy we all use and need every day to thrive in the 21st century.

Their voices must be heard in this debate over Proposition 112. After all, it is their jobs – their livelihoods – that are being placed on the line.

An extreme activist agenda, fueled by out-of-state money, is threatening to put tens of thousands of oil and gas families – and scores of others outside industry — out of work if Proposition 112 passes. Of the 147,000 Coloradans who could lose their jobs, more than 113,000 of them don’t even work in oil and natural gas, according to the newly released study commissioned by the Common Sense Policy Roundtable.

We can’t let this happen.
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