U.S. Oil Producers Are “Missing Out” on $100 Million a Day in Revenue

The American oil industry is in the best condition it has been in decades. Shale drilling has unlocked billions of barrels of oil across the Lower 48, and companies are getting good enough at extracting it that many can pull it out of the ground for less than $50 a barrel compared with upwards of $90 a barrel five years ago. Now that oil prices in the U.S. have risen to around $70 a barrel, it is leading to some rather impressive earnings results.

As good as things have been lately, they could be much, much better — as in tens of billions of dollars in additional revenue for the same amount of production better. There is one thing that is keeping those companies from realizing all that additional revenue, though. Here’s what is going on in the American shale patch today that is forcing these companies to leave so much revenue on the table and what is being done to correct the situation.
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