TOGP Episode 75 – Texas Roundup | Greg Williams with Rig Lynx | Cody Clark US Safety Sign & Decal

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Ryan Ray from Texas Oil & Gas Podcast interviewed Greg Williams, Author of “Our Horizon: In the Moment” on August 31, 2018.

Greg is also the founder of Rig Lynx – The Next Generation Oil & Gas Network.
What is Rig Lynx?
Social networking platform for oil and gas personnel that offers users professional networking opportunities through chat, messaging and online services.

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Our Horizon: In The Moment –


Ryan Ray from Texas Oil & Gas Podcast interviewed Cody Clark, President of U S SafetySign & Decal where Cody introduced to the public that U S SafetySign is the first safety sign company to provide custom sign rig packs with shopping cart systems available on their website. These rig packs are tailored specifically to a company’s needs,  allowing oil and gas companies easy access for reordering and updating safety compliance for each rig and location.  Cody helped design this system through his first-hand knowledge and expertise in the Oil and Gas industry.

The episode will be released on September 4, 2018.
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