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CPV Valley Energy Center took Gov. Corruptocrat to court and quickly beat him and his band of New York State DEC political. The power plant is starting up!

MDN brought you the exciting news that last week a New York “Supreme Court” judge (Supreme Court in NY is a lower court, one step up from county court) overruled a last-minute dirty trick by the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to block a Marcellus-fired electric plant from starting operations. Now, there is more good news!

Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) built and is days away from starting up the Valley Energy Center, a $900 million, 680-megawatt natural gas-fired electric generating plant in Orange County, New York.

In a last minute, desperate attempt to block the plant (to boost his gubernatorial reelection campaign and advance his future Presidential ambitions), Gov. Andrew Cuomo directed his DEC to deny renewal of an air permit previously granted by the DEC.

Instead, the DEC said the plant would now need a different (federal) air permit before it could start up, effectively blocking the project. The dirty trick didn’t work, however.

The judge stepped in and overruled the DEC, allowing Valley Energy Center to restart its tests and begin operations. Testing restarted Sunday morning.

According to CPV, these final round of tests will take “two to three weeks” before the plant is fully operational and online. From the Middletown Times-Herald-Record:

Startup tests resumed at the Competitive Power Ventures Valley Energy Center on Sunday morning, a company official said.

The natural-gas power plant, located in the Town of Wawayanda off Route 6, had to briefly stop tests after the state Department of Environmental Conservation denied to renew a critical air permit on Aug. 1.

CPV sued the DEC over the permit denial on Aug. 14.

A state Supreme Court judge ordered Aug. 15 that the plant can run while CPV awaits the outcome of a hearing on the permit issue with the DEC.

A CPV official said tests could take two to three weeks before the plant is ready for full-time commercial operations.

The company official also noted that $100,000 worth of noise abatement equipment was recently installed at the plant to address complaints about noise connected to startup tests.

Editor’s Note: Once again, we see what it takes to stop Gov. Corruptocrat; taking the initiative and fighting back in bare-knuckles style. Only the strong survive in corrupt New York. This reality is becoming more apparent ever day. Millennium fought back and won. The Northern Access Pipeline folks fought back at FERC and is making progress again after getting the agency to bat down Cuomo.

Now, CPV has done the same. Compare and contrast this what happened with the Constitution Pipeline when its sponsors naively attempted to play along with Cuomo in good faith. There is no good faith in Andrew Corruptocrat Cuomo. You can’t play with him honestly and you can’t afford to play with dishonestly, either (a mistake earlier made by CPV). The only choice is to legally punch him in the face and get your punch in first. That’s how it works in New York.
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