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Houston, Texas – October 26, 2017

Although I have very much enjoyed my time as a member of the Talk Texas Oil media team, Talk Texas Oil is no longer powered through Oil Country Media | octg.pro.

I have the deepest gratitude for my colleagues and support all the good work that Talk Texas Oil has done and will continue to do as energy advocates.

As #OilCountryMedia powered by octg.pro moves on to new endeavors we commit to our authentic respect for the oil and gas industry and to promoting industry experts as social influencers.

Oil Country Media LLC specializes in Social Media Advocacy and is an invaluable tool for:

• Industry Publications

• Oil and Gas Media

• Company and Brand Awareness

• Enhanced directory listings, photos, links to social networks and more

• Improve oil and gas industry SEO with consistent information across all directories.

Our overall digital reach and media partnerships enhance brands and their digital purpose.  Oil Country Media guarantees media exposure to professionals and industry advocates, creating business opportunities through marketing and advertising campaigns. We are a network that has collaborated with elite media groups and by design is positioned on multiple platforms offering a social based network to feature Oil and Gas experts and industry influencers.

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