Len Vermillion, Group Managing Editor, Digital News Group, Hart Energy at #DUGMidcon 

Len Vermillion, Group Managing Editor, Digital News Group, Hart Energy at #DUGMidcon

Talk Oil and Gas with Len Vermillion, ‎Group Managing Editor, Digital News Group for Hart Energy at the 2107 DUG Midcontinent Conference in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Kristen  goes live with Len straight from the exhibit room floor to discuss the successes of Hart Energy and how they reach a global scale.

Len leads a team of global contributor network writers that aim to connect the sectors of the oil and gas community through their digital outreach, and world-class industry conferences. Top industry leaders and professionals engage with Hart Energy to educate, connect and grow the oil and gas community.



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Len Vermillion hosts a bi-weekly program that focuses on global politics from an energy industry perspective.




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Chantal Hagan, Hart Energy Business Development Manager with Len Vermillion, Hart Energy Group Managing Editor


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