Paint The Permian Pink When It Comes to Oil and Gas.| Local Big 2 News

 Paint The Permian Pink When It Comes to Oil and Gas.| Local Big 2 News
MIDLAND, TX ( Local Big 2 News) — – Women make up only 19% of oil and gas workers, according to the American Petroleum Institute. Hundreds gathered inside Teen Flow Ministries in Midland Thursday, in an effort to promote balance.
R&D Pipe Company Communications Director Kristen Cartmill said they are trying to get more women involved in the oil and gas business.
“There’s a huge gender gap and generation gap,” Cartmill said. “So we’re just trying to get everything to blend together. There’s more women in science and math and we’re trying to get engineers into the industry.”
A movement titled Pink Petro is trying to bridge the gap between men and women in the oil and gas industry. Founder and CEO Katie Mehnert said her idea came from a man drowned in his masculine stereotypes.
“He was 85-years-old,” Mehnert said. “I was sitting on the tarmac in London two years ago. We got stuck on the tarmac for 20 hours. We were having a conversation about why I ought to be at home with my daughter than to be working in a dangerous business like the oil and gas business.”
Once that fire was lit inside her, all she needed was a little fuel, and the rest is history.
“I sat down with a good friend of mine from Halliburton one evening over a glass of wine,” Mehnert said. “Wine is a theme because I actually drank wine when I conceived the concept on a napkin on the airplane.”
Despite seeming like a feminist movement, Mehnert said men are actually engaged in the concept too.
“They’re dads, they’re grand-dads, they’re brothers who know this is a business that can value by having women in it,” said Mehnert.
Pink Petro is a private social media community for energy women and their advocates. Since it’s launch in March, it’s reached 18 countries in only a few months.
It’s a colorful cause, seeking to add diversity to a basin livelihood.

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